How We Work With You

Our firm specializes in comprehensive financial planning. With decades of experience, we believe that the traditional financial planning process was outdated and too often lacked integration and imagination. We believe a cohesive approach to financial planning results in optimal outcomes for our clients, better positioning them to accomplish their financial goals. The Integrated Planning Process is a result of linking your tax and estate planning, along with your investment and protection strategies, into one clear and concise road map. 

Discovery meeting: Detailed, probing conversation designed to engage a client in thought-provoking consideration of objectives, aspirations, and legacy.  In this meeting, it is helpful if the new client has a relatively thorough, working knowledge of their financial situation. 

Analysis and Plan development: The Integrated team carefully creates a Day 1 roadmap for you and your household/business.  Using your input from the Discovery meeting, we will create for you a long-term, flexible plan to guide decision-making on a go-forward basis.  

Delivery of plan and recommendations: This is a longer meeting in which we will review with you the outcome of the Analysis stage.  The plan will likely include specific recommendations as well, some of which we can implement for you and some that will require the expertise of our extended team of professional colleagues.  In both cases, the Integrated team will be there to quarterback the process on your behalf from start to "finish." 

On-going engagement: The scope of our relationship, as well as the depth, breadth, and complexity of your unique situation, will guide the ongoing engagement phase.  Generally speaking, we will meet with clients at a minimum annually.  Your unique situation may require a higher, more frequent touch than annual.  In those instances, which are quite common, we may need to meet as frequently as quarterly.  Additionally, often at the beginning of a new relationship, the Integrated team may be touching base even more often than monthly.  The driving force behind our on-going engagement is your need. 

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